...and its world-famous fireworks-music show that takes place in August, an event not to be missed!


quaint medieval village dominated by the Lizard Castle

Rocchetta Nervina

summer destination famous for its crystal clear water lakes in a natural landscape

Mount Toraggio (1973m)

for hiking enthusiasts, it is located on the border between the Roya and Nervia valleys. The path of the Alpini, which you take to reach it, is a spectacular and characteristic trail

The little beach of Balzi Rossi

a small cove of rare beauty just a stone's throw from the border, in Grimaldi di Ventimiglia



reachable in 20 minutes by car at the border with Ventimiglia, known for its beaches and the very characteristic old part of the town

Hambury Botanical Gardens

located a few kilometers from the French border rise on the promontory of Mortola; the landscape aspect is typically English where the exotic is connected with Mediterranean flora and ancient traditional crops